Love colour.  Love pattern.  Love texture.  Love Fridays.
So, this is me.  They say when you take a picture of yourself for your website, ideally you should get the family and/or dog in it.  Here it is, the dog is actually behind my head and the family is running for cover, so nailed it!
Hello Friday started because I had a bit of an unhealthy scarf addiction.  As a mum to 3 young children at the time, I loved the way you could throw on a scarf while racing out the door and feel a little bit put together without any effort.  It says something about you, adds personality and made me feel happy.  Surely, I wasn’t the only one?
Turns out lots of people like scarves, cardigans and bags for that matter.  The brand has been quietly growing and evolving.  I now have teenagers and life is still busy but it’s different.  Although it has been very tempting to branch into a gin distillery or similar (never say never) I still love designing things that are affordable, good quality, colourful, classic with a twist of fun.  That is where Friday comes in…
Friday brings a mood, it can be full of excitement like a vibrant patterned scarf or or it can be pure the relief of getting through the week, the chance to get off that crazy train and hit the couch in your sweats and favourite slouchy cardigan.
Hello Friday, it’s a mood.  Excited, happy, relaxed, confident, cosy…whatever it is, it’s all good.
Mel xx